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Biography about Ivo

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason.

Key focus on IT department TRANSITION and STRATEGIC programs build on modern technical assets as cloud, open source, advanced data with pragmatic TCO pov. Innovation management track experience.

Loves to transform, build, create, improve, change and manage IT programs, teams in a pragmatic way cross boundaries, multi location with a focus on EU. Always striving to align to business needs with P&L / KPI focus, C level within software business oriented companies.

Large technical background in J2EE, MICROSOFT, package implementations, WEB and MOBILE technologies and integrations to backoffice applications (ERP/CMS) including SAAS/PAAS & API integrations. High focus on DATA value (BI/Analytics/Advanced Analytics) & hybrid CLOUD tracks in context of business value & tco.

Managed teams up to 150+ FTE successfully including multi vendor & distributed offshore & nearshore teams.
Strategy focus & driver of the management team (cio/board).
Active member of CIONET Peer Group Belgium.

Personality: MBTI Type: ESTJ

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